Monday, 24 December 2018

Capcom's Belt Action Collection (PS4)

Capcom's Belt Action Collection - E-Capcom Limited Edition (PS4)

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Amano Game Museum

I visited the Amano Game Museum a few weeks ago whilst on holiday in Japan, I first heard about the game centre when a arcade cabinet came up for sale a few years ago that they were selling on Yahoo Auctions Japan... after that I tried to track down where it was located, later speaking to a friend he told me it was only 30 minutes by car from his hometown in Anjo... I couldn't believe my luck!, so whilst staying in Anjo we drove over to Nishio City.

On arrival we got to meet Mr Amano himself, which was a pleasure... he chatted to my friend in Japanese which he later translated explaining that the arcade was a former sports equipment shop and he started the game centre in 1985.

Check out the Amano Game Museum homepage >Here<

Untitled from Richard Wilton on Vimeo.