Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Arrival(Resident Evil/Street Fighter Figures,Book/Comics)

Got these over that last week or 2 all boxed and minty;)figures below are...

NECA(Player Select)Resident Evil Archives Series 2
Jill Valentine(gray/blue)
Jill Valentine(all black)
Lab Coat Zombie.

NECA(Player Select)Resident Evil 5
Sheva Alomar.
Executioner Majini.

Play Arts KAI Action Figures Resident Evil 5
Chris Redfield.

State of the Art Toys(SOTA)Revolution series 1 Street Fighter Versus Pack
Dhalsim VS E-Honda.

Street Figter The Complete History By Chris Carle
Street Fighter Ibuki Legends (1)
Street Fighter Ibuki Legends (2)
Street Fighter 2 Turbo (12) cover B
Darkstalkers The Night Warriors (2) cover A

Click on Images to Make Bigger..

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