Tuesday, 10 December 2013

*New Arrival* Q-GrandAm25 Capcom Cabinet

So I managed to track this down after 4 years of searching. Turned up on Ebay again after I missed out on it the first time it went up for sale (didn't have the funds to start bidding)

I remember the cabinet coming into the UK with one of Killercabs first cabinet orders around 2001/2002.

The cabinet has had some sort of restoration done in the past, it looks very badly worked at. It also has some of the parts removed from the inners of the cabinet, the Q-sound amp/100v transformer plus the test/service plate (which sits to the left in the machine) is missing. I will have to track that down at a later date.

It's been a on going dream of mine to own a Capcom Q-GrandAm 25 and to my understanding this is the only one in Europe. I have been very lucky indeed!

I am going to start restoring this over the next couple of months all been well, fingers crossed that the weather holds out. Here's some pictures of the machine before I get started.

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to AeroCityMayor for all your hard work and for helping me make this happen :-)

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