Sunday, 15 December 2013

Q-GrandAm25 Restoration Part 1

I made a start today on the Q25 by removing the lower part of the control panel, monitor, psu and all the wiring from the cabinet. The wiring looks like its been modified to run on a J-Pac but it looks to be just on the player 2 side so not to bad. I will have to go through the cabinets schematics in the manual to be sure but judging by the colour of the wiring used I think I'm correct.

I managed get into the speaker box, which is held in place with 4 screws. I don't think it has been opened before so the insides are fine. The box itself needs some work.The shell must of been smashed into something in the past and it has been cracked to the left near the speaker grill, somebody has attempted to fix it with some wood filler and painted over it. It looks very rough, that will have to be fixed at a later date.

I round up the end of today by giving the cabinet a good wash down which removed most of the dirt on the plastics/front doors etc. The rear of the machine has got alot of paint splashes (which when I first saw the machine I thought it was just white emulsion turns out it's white gloss) so will have to be resprayed, but I will need to break the machine down completely to do so.

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