Thursday, 12 February 2015

*New Arrival* Capcom Q-GrandAm 25 2L 12B Control Panel

Well here's something I thought I'd never find!

I've been searching for a replacement control panel since I bought the Q-GrandAm 25 more than a year ago. The control panel that came with the machine was in a very bad state, the pegs that hold the 2 joysticks in place were missing or broken and also had the original overlay replaced with fan made artwork which looked terrible and completely killed any originality the cabinet once had.

I knew finding a replacement was going to be near impossible with the machine only operated in Japan for rental use only and as I understand all the machines were destroyed at Capcom Japan around the year 2000.

I thought of pretty much everything I could do to find one even emailing all the arcade operators in Japan but all I found was everything apart from the control panel upper and then 2 weeks ago one morning I was browsing on yahoo auctions Japan and there it was! I just had to have it!

In my search to find all the missing parts for the machine I also found parts that were in better condition to the ones I already had on the machine when I bought it, which I will blog when I get the time to get it all out and pictured.

I really didn't know how much of the cabinets parts was missing to make it complete again until I had a really good look at it but I now have every part to begin restoring the cabinet back to it's original state.

Anyway here's some pictures of the panel. It needs a really good clean down. I'm thinking of replacing the seimitsu ls 32 joysticks and go for the original stock colours for the buttons.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to my friend in Japan Genki for making this happen for me.

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