Wednesday, 8 April 2015

*New Arrival* Super Street Fighter II Turbo B1 Poster

This is something I've always been on the look out for! But over the years I thought I would never find one, until the other day when I was browsing eBay!

I thought it was a replica or a copy and didn't think too much of it at first, as I've seen a lot of repro arcade posters over the years. But after contacting the seller, I soon learned it had been on display in the retail shop at raven games in London along with a load more capcom posters since 1994.

I've only ever seen arcade posters for the Japanese / U.S ( different ST logo) versions before.

The poster arrived today and I can confirm it's a original English B1 poster. A little rough in places but in very good condition to say it has been on show for all them years!

This now means I've completed my SSF2T ETC CPS2 Kit!

Super Turbo ETC CPS2 Kit
Super Turbo English Brochure

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