Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Q-GrandAm25 Restoration Part 2

Well for the last two weeks I've been putting some hours in on a night to make a start on getting the cabinet finished. The biggest part so far has been getting all the paint splashes off the bodywork so I've been spending hours just washing the bodywork down with washing up liquid and warm water until it's all been removed.

I haven't really been keeping track and taking pictures of the machine whilst I've been working on the bodywork but I managed to grab some today when I was packing up for the day and it's looking pretty good if I do say so myself - I'm really looking forward to getting the cabinet finished now!

I thought it would be really hard to show in pictures how much work has gone into this so far but looking back over some old pictures from when me and Ralph went to pick it up and I can really see the difference now.

Cabinet Arrival
Q-GrandAm25 Restoration Part 1

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