Tuesday, 4 August 2015

*New Arrivals* Gamest and Promo VHS Videos

I've been buying a lot of videos lately and here is the first batch from Japan, all found on yahoo auctions Japan. The two tapes I most wanted to get my hands on was the full length version of the Championship '93 and the Street Fighter II Turbo SFC promo. which has a nice preview of Championship '92, I've yet to find a complete tape for Championship '92.

  • Vampire Hunter Vol.17 - Pamphlet/Reg Card and Donovan Sword Bookmark
  • Street Fighter III New Generation Vol.36 - Pamphlet/Reg Card
  • Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers - Pamphlet/Reg Card
  • Marvel Super Heroes Vol.23 - Pamphlet/Reg Card
  • Vampire The Night Warriors - Pamphlet/Reg Card
  • Street Fighter EX (Pony Canyon/Scitron)
  • Street Fighter II Turbo SFC Championship '93 Full Length 45 Mins Rental Version
  • Muscle Bomber Arcade Coin-op Promo 
  • Street Fighter II Turbo SFC Shop Promo/ Championship '92 Preview 

The SFII Turbo Promo label translates...

CAPCOM new software information
(for Super Famicom/will be released on July 10th!)

I thought I'd show the differences between the two Championship '93 Tapes. The rental version is 45 mins long where the retail version is only 20 mins. On the cover of the 20 mins retail version you will see a small extra bit of Japanese text in a yellow bubble just under the text 'ストリートファイターIIターボ' which translates 'concentrated version'. 

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