Sunday, 25 October 2015

Powered Gear a.k.a Armored Warriors

When I first went to Japan on holiday in 2007 I started visiting all the different amusement centres around Akihabara. The main arcade I went to was the Hirose Entertainment Yard (Taito HEY) which had a great selection of games. The game I remember the most was Powered Gear which I'd never really been bothered about in the past but after watching the game been played properly by a couple of locals I started to get interested. I looked in all the PCB shops in Akihabara to buy the game to bring back with me but it was always out of stock! 

I'd pretty much given up and forgot about the game over the years but one day around the time I'd bought the Q-GrandAm 25 I found some old video game magazines for sale at a local game shop which I picked up for a couple of pounds each. one of the magazines was Nintendo Magazine issue #26 Nov 1994.

At the back of the magazine was a article called 'Gary's Gossip' which had a review of the 32nd AM show in Japan which showed Powered gear on demo at the show running on Capcom's Q25. I said to myself when I get the Q25 restored I'm going to treat myself to a powered gear setup for the machine.

After completing the restoration on the cabinet I couldn't find a board set in nice clean condition so I ended up putting my name down for one at Mak-Japan which they put on back order for me with a couple of other games I was looking for at the time, then a couple of months later the game came in stock. 

Today I finally found sometime to install the game into my machine and have some proper playtime and straight away it was everything I remembered! the game is so powerful plus the soundtrack is beautiful combined with the added extra of Q-Sound! I would go as far as to say this is now one of my most favorite games. 

Here's some pictures of the magazine article and my setup.

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