Monday, 28 December 2015

*New Arrivals* Japanese Console and Arcade Stuff Part 1

Well I hope you're all having a great Christmas and enjoying the break away from the daily grind! I haven't had the time over the last couple of months to update my blog so I thought I would make a start on doing so today. I've been buying mostly console stuff but I did managed to pick up one arcade game I've wanted for quite sometime now - Progear no Arashi!!!

PC Engine 
Heavy Unit 
Twin Bee
1943 Kai

Super Famicom
Pop'n Twin Bee - SHVC-PT
Rockman X - SHVC-RX

Playstation 1/2
The Game Paradise 2 (Sample Ver.) SLPM 80303
The Game Paradise 2 SLPS 01322
G Darius SLPS 01348
Strikers 1945 SLPS 00407
Metal Slug SLPM 86315 
Strider Hiryu 1/2 SLPS 02620~1
Dracula X VX010-J2 (SLPM 86073)
Cotton Original SLPM 86461 - SuperLite 1500
Strikers 1945 II SLPM 86631 - SuperLite 1500
Rockman 6 SLPS 02379
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure SLPS 02236
Super Puzzle Fighter II X SLPS 00611
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack SLPS 00002
Twinbee Taisen Puzzle Dama SLPS 00015
Gradius III and IV VW003-J1 (SLPM 62007)
Gradius V (The Best) VW176-J2 (SLPM 62621)

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