Monday, 28 December 2015

*New Arrivals* Japanese Console and Arcade Stuff Part 2

Continuing from part 1. I thought I'd keep all the Sega stuff till last.

Mega Drive
Golden Axe III - G-4093
World of Illusion - G-4080
TMNT Return of the Shredder - T-95013
Wardner no Mori - SPECIAL - T-58013
Shadow of the Beast - T-60023
Hokuto no Ken - G-4012
Daimakaimura - G-4013
V-V - T-48173
Gaiares - T-49013

Fantasy Zone - GS-9136
Cotton Boomerang - T-9906G
X-Men Vs, Street Fighter (Stand Alone Ver.) T-1227G
Darius Gaiden - T-1102G
Capcom Generation 4 - T-1235G
Out Run - GS-9110
Akumajo Dracula X ~ Gekka no Yasoukyoku ~ T-9527G (VS010-J1)
Kingdom - Grandprix - T-18506G
Radiant Silvergun - T-32902G
Darius II - T-1104G
Gokujyo Parodius-Da! Deluxe Pack - T-9501G

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