Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Interesting Picture!

I found a interesting picture the other day and I thought I'd share it here. The gentleman that created the Grand Master Challenge website managed to recover a HDD that had died which were full of old Capcom/Street Fighter pictures etc, he has now successfully uploaded all the images online for people to view.

I spent a couple of hours going through all the different images and one of them caught my eye, it was a picture of Hyper Street Fighter II on demo. I'd seen the backdrop of the picture before which looked like the Capcom office in Osaka, Japan. I had a friend translate the text on the marquee artwork on the closest machine in the picture which reads 'Hyper Street Fighter II - Development Progress Status 50%'.

The move lists on the machines are completely different to the production version, they come in two parts rather than on one strip - all the original Street Fighter II cast on one and all the added characters from SSFII and Bosses on the other.

The marquee artwork is different on both machines - the machine to the left of the picture has the standard artwork used on the sleeve of the Japanese PS2 release of the game, which has a yellow box and text under it (probably explaining the use of all the older versions added to this new version) and smaller pictures of all the versions of SFII like on the Japanese B1 arcade poster. The machine to the right of the picture has the HSFII logo along with the build progress status.

Beta HSFII move lists

 Production version HSFII move list

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