Saturday, 23 April 2016

Norimaro was born this way (The creation of Norimaro)

I was watching the Norimaro was born this way (The creation of Norimaro) >video< the other day which I'd never seen before and is a must see for any hardcore Capcom fan. It's a rare look behind the scenes at Capcom which up until now I'd only seen the Capcom Friendly Club videos and didn't really think there was much hope of seeing anything else like this.

The programme starts at the entrance of the Capcom building in Osaka, Japan. As Noritake Kinashi visits all the studios on the different floors, you get a really good feel of how things were put together for all the classic games. It's all in Japanese of course but it doesn't spoil it in any way because there's so much to see!  Artist Akira Yasuda and executive producer Yoshiki Okamoto are featured throughout the programme, and you get to see some of the equipment and techniques that the staff used at the time, including drawing concept art on a computer by mouse, motion capture for animation study, and a voice recording session where Noritake meets the voice actors for Sakura, Dhalsim and Ken.

If you are familiar with the arcade version of Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter you will see that the version demoed on the Capcom Impress arcade cabinet is not the finished version of the game. A more complete version of the game is shown at the end of the programme when they visit the Capcom booth at the Tokyo Game Show '97.

Demonstrated beta version.

Norimaro's taunt "Sign please!" and his portrait are a little different in this version. The text 'norimaro' is also missing from the energy bar.

His hyper combo 'Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure' is also different in the programme. It's a lot straighter and doesn't seem to look so random and more of a direct hit like Ryu's fireball hyper combo.

You also get to see some of the test cabinets used at Capcom. I could see two different types of machines on the programme - a blue type cabinet which looks like it's used for developing console games FC/SFC etc and a arcade machine that looks very similar to a Q-GrandAm 25 using three or four different configurations.

All these machines can be seen a lot of the time in Capcom Friendly Club videos.

One of the best parts on the programme is that you get to see some very nice beta footage of Street Fighter III: New Generation. It must of been the first time anybody from outside Capcom had seen the game running.

Is that a CPS III Development PCB??

There was also some beta footage of the game featured in the CFC video Vol. 3 which
looks like a little more progress had been made on the backgrounds of the Super Arts.

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